What does falling off a roof, have to do with the OSKA Pulse?
That's a good question, but if it had never happened, then the OSKA Pulse may never have been born!

When Michel Hawker fell from a roof back in 2003, he broke several ribs and all the small bones in his wrist. His surgeon expressed the importance of exercise once the pins and plaster cast had been removed. He went into great detail about how important exercise is to the natural healing processes. Exercise produces an electrical potential across cell membrane, allowing the exchange of essential ions necessary for cellular regeneration, the surgeon explained. Pain resulting from injury or degenerative conditions may inhibit physical exercise, slowing the healing process.

As an electronics technician with experience in medical equipment, Michael was intrigued. A few years later, when he was introduced to the field of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology (PEMFT), Michael began a journey that ultimately led to his creation of the OSKA Pulse.

In truth, the OSKA Pulse is a team effort. With the help of Michael's wife Shirley...a former nurse, electronics and software engineer Ian Rumble, and biomedical scientist Jayde Riggins BSc.,  the prototype was designed and taken to the USA for evaluation.   12 months later, by association with OSKA Wellness Inc, in California, OSKA Pulse was released to the world, now manufactured and distributed in the USA, with agencies in the UK, Germany, India, Hong Kong, and of course... Australia. 

Our company - Medic Technology International Pty. Ltd., is proud of OSKA Pulse and all it is achieving.

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While the OSKA Pulse is manufactured in the USA, the science and technology underpinning the development of OSKA Pulse is all done here at Medic Technology International Pty. Ltd. in Perth, Western Australia.   We are humbled and proud that the OSKA Pulse is FDA (USA) and TGA (Aust) registered as a medical device, this being achieved in an unbelievably short time.

OSKA Pulse has won several significant awards, proven its efficacy with the results of two double-blind trials, and has gained medical recognition in recovery and rehabilitation.   Importantly, OSKA Pulse is a valuable and viable alternative to the long-term use of pain medications.

When a patient can leave the hospital earlier after surgery, even by one or two days, this is an enormous collective saving for hospitals, the health system, and speedier recovery for the patient. 

ARTG  (Therapeutic Goods Administration) Registration  and  EC Certificate of Full  Quality Assurance

ARTG Certificate
EC Full Certificate

This website is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. The Oska Pulse does not purport to treat, cure or prevent disease.
Do not change or substitute current medication without consulting your doctor.

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