Natural pain relief from CRPS with the Oska Pulse.

It may be possible to experience natural pain relief from CRPS with the West Australian designed Oska Pulse.
Worldwide, many are reporting their relief from pain, by using this TGA registered PEMF medical device.

Natural pain relief from CRPS

What is CRPS?

Most sufferers of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or CRPS, would not want to pass it on to their worst enemy! Until a few years ago, this painful condition was sometimes passed off as no more than a psychological issue. Fortunately, health professionals now recognise CRPS as a severe physical disorder affecting more than 5,000 Australians every year.  

Usually following limb injury, which could be through accident , stroke, heart attack or surgery, damaged nerve fibres in the limbs cause a painful burning sensation that radiates outwards from the point of trauma. This neurological pain can persist for many months even after the original cause has been resolved. Symptoms include burning sensations in the hand, foot, arm, or leg and vary in intensity, of which can be out of proportion to the severity of the original injury. The affected area can become extremely sensitive, even the weight of clothing can cause severe discomfort.

CRPS can often improve over time. It may last for years before going away entirely or becoming less severe in some cases. However, some experience a much more significant impact on their daily lives due to prolonged pain that never goes away entirely.

CRPS natural pain relief:

Even though CRPS is ranked among one of the most painful of all medical conditions, at this point in time, there is no absolute cure and minimal treatment options. So, if the effects of long-term pain killer medication cause concern, what is the alternative?

The Oska Pulse PEMF Device is one alternative now being used in conjunction with other modalities with very satisfying results. Completely portable, the Oska Pulse does not have to be placed directly on the body; it can be placed beside the patient. (Effective up to 30cms / 12 inches from the device.) Anecdotal evidence shows the complex energy fields generated by the Oska Pulse have a positive effect in relieving pain from CRPS. Oska is designed to alleviate pain by reducing inflammation and speeding the natural healing process.

How does the Oska Pulse Work?

First, a quick look at how our bodies work. Our body consists of some 35 trillion cells and around 200 different types that make up bone, tissue, skin, and organs that keep us alive.

Around one million cells in your body die every second! But don’t worry, this is a natural process. Your body replaces these damaged cells with new ones.

Now here lies the problem with people suffering from CRPS. While our food provides some of the energy required, a chemical action is necessary to re-generate these dead cells. This all happens naturally while we are physically active. However, when physical activity is reduced due to pain from degenerative issues like osteoarthritis, injury, or chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS), we may find ourselves on a slippery slope..…pointing downhill!

The debilitating pain resulting from CRPS may prevent adequate exercise, slowing the body’s speed of recovery.

Natural pain relief from CRPS

So, what does Oska Pulse do?

The Oska Pulse creates an environment that assists the body to regenerate damaged cells. This is quite a complex subject, but you can find more by clicking this link.

The OSKA Pulse can be part of your pain management toolkit, which you can use at home, on the go, or in partnership with your doctor.

Scientists continue to discover new cells that affect other cells in our bodies. One day, we hope scientists will find the cause of CRPS. In the meantime, it may well be worth investing in the Oska Pulse PEMF Device, developed right here in Perth, Western Australia.

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