Endometriosis Warrior

OSKA Wellness I cannot thank you enough for literally giving me my life back! I've been using this little tiny device for 2.5 months, I literally cannot believe how much change I've seen in my body since using it. I love the ease and convenience of no strings attached and I can put in in my pocket and walk around my house or have it in the car with me (those with kids know we all live in the car daily). I've been battling endometriosis 11yrs and have never had such success with the fatigue, stabbing pain and pelvic swelling from other treatments I've done.

I just went on vacation for 2 weeks and could keep up with my family without missing a beat during my pain cycle which has never happened. In this month, my fatigue was minimal, my baseline stabbing pain was literally half of what it normally has been all these years and my pelvic swelling minimal. I've had other positive side effects in my entire body, my sleep within the first week of using it was deeper and my back pain has decreased. I personally don't put it anywhere but my stomach/pelvic area and can still feel the looseness in every muscle of my body. I highly recommend this for anyone with endometriosis ASAP (and anyone with chronic pain) 

Thank you for all you have done so far and continue to do for the pain warrior community everyone needs an OSKA!

Nikki B.

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