Healthy Metabolism and our Immune System

Metabolism level

What is healthy metabolism, and will the Oska Pulse help?

First, let's look at what is meant by 'metabolism'. It is the chemical process our body uses to keep us alive. It's the way our bodies manage energy. For example, we eat food, and the body converts this into the energy required to run various cellular processes, a series of chemical processes that feed one another. If you have a high metabolism, you could be full of energy, burning more calories and making you feel great. A low metabolism may make you feel tired, gain weight and become more susceptible to illness.

Our immune system - our defense against invading pathogens - requires energy, and therefore closely linked to our metabolism.

Immune system

Does the Oska Pulse Stimulate or Assist our Immune System?

Regular and consistent physical exercise can substantially benefit immune system health. Moderate exercise promotes a positive immune system response and a temporary boost in the production of macrophages, the cells that attack bacteria.

In practical terms and as far as the Oska Pulse PEMF Device is concerned, the vascular (or angiogenesis) waveform is a therapy field to which vascular tissue is sensitive. This waveform influences the first or vascular phase of injury repair and can promote increases in metabolism, blood & nutrient supply, immune activity, and capillary arcading.

With this waveform, by masking the injury flag on the endothelial receptor, the expression of T-lymphocytes (for inflammation) is partially blocked, thus providing a powerful and positive anti-inflammatory effect.

The 180-minute version of Oska Pulse is focused on the angiogenesis phase, seriously targeting inflammatory issues allowing us to physically exercise more frequently, indirectly assisting our immune system.

The bottom line:

Cells in our body called mitochondria are known as the 'power' cells. They use oxygen to create energy and affect the speed of our metabolism, the internal chemical process that keeps us alive. As we grow older, we have fewer mitochondria, and those left could have a 50% decrease in their efficiency.

The angiogenesis phase of Oska Pulse may be the answer in providing the means to not only stimulate our immune system but boost the oxygen supply needed by mitochondria (the power cell) to deliver the energy our body may require when under stress. In other words, it may boost our metabolism, allowing us to speed the body's recovery process.

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  • Angio or Angiogenesis corresponds with the first phase of biological repair and is the physiological process through which new blood vessels form from pre-existing vessels and also the term used to describe capillary arcade; and dilation of capillaries. Apart from stimulating the lymph system, this helps provide more oxygen and nutrients to the area being treated. Great for treating inflammation, bruising, varicose veins etc.


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