My Journey with Oska Pulse. 

 About 5 years ago I was going thru 24/7 pain down my leg and foot. I struggled to put my foot on the ground and was in pain getting in and out of my car. I have always been very active and exercised daily but I got to the point where I had to minimise everything I did.

My long term Doctor couldn’t identify anything other than osteoarthritis and said I should just manage it with Osteo Panadol and Voltaron . I was taking up to 8 Panadol and 4 Voltaron every day.

Not happy with this I then got a referral to a Sports physiotherapist and was going three times a week . This did improve me but didn’t fix it as he could not pin point what or where the pain was coming from. My Doctor then referred me to a Sports recovery Specialist who agreed with my Doctor re the Arthritis issue and wear and tear on my aging knees and hips. Once again telling me to “pop the pills’ required to ease the pain. Still not happy with this I discussed with a friend who is involved in Sports Rehabilitation , he suggested getting an MRI.

This was the best advise I had received. The scan showed a swollen Lumbar L5 Disc with a “sack” containing fluid which was pushing on the sciatica nerve. At No time did I have any pain in my back which is why the Specialists etc were unable to find the cause of the problem.

I was advised to have an Epidural Cortisone injection and piercing of the sack . This made an immediate difference for about 6 weeks then the pain slowly came back at which time they suggested a second Injection.

I had heard an interview on the radio explaining how Oska works and decided to give it a try. You probably wouldn’t remember but I came to your office and discussed with you and Shirley.

Best decision and investment I have made. It took a few weeks before I felt any pain relief but then it kicked in and I have been using Oska every day since.

No more Injections and only the odd pain killer after excessive exercise is lots better than the alternative. Lots of my friends now have an Oska and are also happy with their improvement.

- Regards Steve. Australia

My Life is Coming Back Slowly

In January of 2014 I slipped and fell on black ice at work. I hurt my knees and my right hand and wrist. I was in a removable cast but my hand was still hurting. In March of 2014 I started Occupational Therapy I couldn't tolerate ice, I was telling my Therapist that my hand, fingers, and wrist were in constant pain. I would wash my hair and my right hand would touch my hair and it would feel different. I had a tough time touching my clothes, towels, so many things would bother me. In April of 2014 my Therapist and Doctor said have you heard of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I'm like No I have not. They explained it to me and felt that I had it. I have been through three Pain Management doctors and the one I go to now has been Awesome! But last Summer I was in the hospital for kidney infections, stones, & going septic. In the past with the other two Pain Doctors they put me on a lot of medications which I feel that's what made me sick. In 2015 I started a Facebook Chronic Pain Group where Tracey Morales became part of the group. And a few months ago she showed a video about how Oska has helped her. So I figured hey let's give it a try!! It has helped me. Plus I also have fell because I have vertigo and busted up my knees and ankle. I put the Oska on and it has truly helped me!! It has helped me sleep a few nights and I'm not on my sleeping pills this month and I'm not in my muscle relaxants either. My worst months for me are Fall & Winter. Spring & Summer are great months.

– Jessica Clinton.  USA

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