Oska Helps with CRPS

Hi guys, I’ve been meaning to write to you for sometime now. When I purchased my OSKA, you weren’t sure if it help my kind of pain. Which is, nerve, post stroke neuro nerve pain. I am delighted to inform you. I can’t live with my OSKA, it works FAR better than any of my pain medications, in fact it is the only thing that relieves my pain. I use it everyday, and can’t Thankyou both enough for the comfort he  gives me.  I have been involved  in a lot of pain clinic’s and been on many pain medications, but OSKA has worked by far the best for me. I would be more than happy to put  this in a more detailed letter or report if it would help. 

The following is a copy of a text received from a lady in Perth. I’m sharing in the hope that it may be an encouragement, something to look into. She bought an Oska Pulse after Googling PEMF devices for CRPS in her hand after an injury. I do have her permission to post this on our own FB page but not publishing her full name here. Please feel free to PM me if you would like to know more. Gratefully, Oska Pulse, designed in Perth, is helping many with CRPS.

“I just wanted to let you know that my new Oska has really helped with my CRPS. For the last 3 weeks I have had less pain and been able to do a lot more without getting a flare-up of symptoms!  I have taken it everywhere and I can really tell when I am not using it.  I couldn't use it much yesterday (out on Moore River and couldn't risk it getting wet) and I was in a lot more pain last night and today.  My sleep has been better but I find that the pain returns once the Oska turns itself off and I wake up and have to turn it back on.  But my sleep was interrupted by pain anyway so getting decent sleep even for a few hours is much better.

Thanks so much for such a great product!"  Tara, Western Australia.

Katrina Hume added her comment:
I have nothing to do with the company but both my daughter and I use one. We will probably get a second one.

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