Natural Pain Relief with OSKA Pulse

OSKA Pulse is all about Natural Healing - No Pills - No Drugs!

Whether playing golf, watering the garden, at work or play, Oska Pulse is so easy to use.
No wires or sticky pads to attach, comfortable and entirely portable.
Oska on the Knee
Australian Technology
Watering the garden

Bio-electronics meets medicine.

OSKA Pulse is ARTG registered as a medical device, Class 2a,  and setting the standard worldwide in natural pain relief.

It's science, not magic!

We believe that the ultimate pain relief is fixing the cause of your pain, not just blocking pain messages to the brain. In brief, the OSKA Pulse helps the body’s cells do what they should do naturally - regenerate. Faster regeneration means speedier recovery from injury and degenerative issues, getting to the source of pain.

Clinical Proof:
Clinically proven, it mimics the body’s own recovery processes to relieve pain, muscle stiffness, and inflammation by using non-invasive pulsed electromagnetic energy fields (PEMF). These energy fields encourage recovery at the cellular level, as a result, you can get back to enjoying life once again. the OSKA Pulse can be part of your pain management toolkit. Use it at home, on the go, or in partnership with your doctor.

It is essential to understand that the Oska Pulse uses PEMF therapy to improve the cell membrane balance, increasing the exchange of ions and electrolytes to enhance cellular energy, restoring optimum cell function (homeostasis). This process does not increase circulation more than natural but restores circulation to that prior to cell injury or impaired performance.

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This website is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. The Oska Pulse does not purport to treat, cure or prevent disease.
Do not change or substitute current medication without consulting your doctor.

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